Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Disney Tag!

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you will know how obsessed I am with Disney. I could actually talk about Disney 24/7! (Other super fans will understand this)
In May 2012 my fiancĂ© and I took the dream holiday to Walt Disney World and I've been itching to get back. 
In the meantime there will be a few Disney posts which I'm looking forward to sharing.

The first one I want to do is the infamous 'Disney Tag' I've seen this a lot on YouTube and they always look fun. I've picked what I feel are the best set of questions, Here goes....

1. Favourite Disney Movie?
Beauty and The Beast - I've loved this Disney movie since I can remember. I actually cried when I met Belle at WDW!

2. Favourite Disney Character?
This is quite a hard one as like most people I have a favourite character in each Disney movie. OK I'm going to go with Stitch, Belle, Sebastian and Genie.

3. What Type of Disney Items Do You Collect The Most?
At the moment I'd say I collect the DVD's the most, I'm aiming to get pretty much every Disney movie on DVD, including the ones you don't really hear about. I'd love to collect the Disney Traditions ornaments but need somewhere to put them all!

4. Favourite Disney Song?
Again this is hard as every Disney movie has an amazing song but I'll go with A Whole New World, I See The Lights and Something There
5. Favourite Ride/Attraction at The Parks?
I loved Soarin' at Epcot I thought it was amazing so I think I'll go for that one. When we visited WDW the Mine Train at Magic Kingdom wasn't open so I can't wait to go on this when we go back!

6. What is Your Dream Job at Disney?
I'd love to work in the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, seeing the little girls faces when they've been made into a Princess - so sweet!
7. Your Favourite Disney Memory?
I'm going to take it that this means when visiting the parks and I'd say my favourite memory was seeing 'The Sign' for the first time. It was the first of many times during our visit to WDW that I cried!
8. What's your saddest moment in any Disney Movie?
I think this is going to apply to most people but I think it has to be when Mufasa died in The Lion King, it gets me every time!
9. Which Disney Voice Actor Would You Like To Meet?
Unfortunately it wouldn't be possible but I'd say Robin Williams, he was brilliant as Genie and an incredible actor.
10. Which Disney Resort is Your Favourite?
I've only stayed at one and it was amazing and that was Port Orleans French Quarter, my dream would be to stay at The Grand Floridian, maybe one day we'll win the lottery!

11. Which Disney Princess Has The Best Sidekick?
I'd probably say Jasmine with Rajah just because no one would mess with a Princess with a tiger! He's sweet as well.
12. If You Could Say Anything to Walt Disney, What Would it Be?
I think i'd just thank him like a million times for creating the Disney brand and making pretty much every ones childhood amazing because even if you're not a huge Disney fan there's at least one movie that you like and reminds you of your childhood.
So that's my Disney tag and I have to admit it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! It's hard to only have one answer to questions that you could make a list to.
I hope you enjoyed reading my answers, if you decide to do a Disney tag on your blog leave the link on the comments below so I can check it out.
See you real soon
Maxine x
Views/Opinions are my own. 

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