Sunday, 8 November 2015

Avon Colour Correcting Pearls

When I first started my blog I knew I wanted to write a post about this amazing product.
I'm obsessed a huge fan of Avon and I place an order at least every other brochure, I've tried pretty much every product they sell and stock up on products that suit my skin type.
I've got quite dry skin and as I'm also fair I'm prone to blemishes which can be a nightmare especially when going out. Therefore I have tried numerous amount of foundations to help cover the blemishes and also help with the dryness.
These little pearl balls are brilliant, I either put them on top of my foundation or if just popping out to the shops use them on their own as they are just as effective.
There are five different coloured pearls and each one helps to tackle discolourations;
Green Reduces: to neutralise redness.
Yellow Brightens: to neutralise purple tones and under eye circles.
Purple Revitalises: to counteract yellowness.
Peach Balances: to even out dark spots.
White Highlights: to illuminate the face
When brands release new products that seem too good to be true, they usually are so I was a little optimistic when I first ordered these. When I bought them they were on offer so I thought why not?! Everyone loves a bargain.
I decided to put them to the test when first trying them and not apply any base foundation, I was quite surprised with the results. My skin looked a lot more even and it reduced the redness quite significantly which I was very happy about as that was the main reason I bought them so any other benefits was a bonus. So when I then applied my base foundation and put this on top I was even more impressed.
As you probably would have guessed I'd definitely recommend Avon Colour Correcting Pearls!
They are currently on offer for the price I bought them for - £6!
I've added the link here for you to go check them out.
Let me know below if you also use the colour correcting pearls and if you are as happy about them as I am.
Maxine x
All views/opinions are my own.
Price correct at time of post.

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