Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year! 2015 Thoughts and 2016 Resolutions..

Happy New Year!

I hope that hangover isn't too bad! Surprisingly I haven't woken up feeling too bad, don't get me wrong I don't feel as fresh as a daisy but nothing a strong coffee can't fix!
We had a lovely evening, we went to the local pub where they serve Thai food, which is amazing! Had a few drinks with the in-laws and was home for about 8.30pm with some music on and a few (a lot) more drinks to see in the New Year.
It's 2016, can you believe it?! It only feels like 5 minutes since we celebrated the Millennium, the years fly by it's scary.
This is going to be more of a chatty post which I'm enjoying writing already as I usually do reviews etc. I quite like reading other bloggers posts where it's more of a chat, I think you can get more of a feel of personality. I'll try not to blab on too much!
So 2015 was a year of up's and down's. We didn't go on a holiday as we bought our first home in 2014 so we had a cheapish year but we did have a few weekends away, including a camping weekend which was brilliant. (I can see you scrunching your face at this! haha) The site we went to had proper power showers and hot water which is enough for me! I don't think I could do 'proper' camping.
We celebrated one year in our house in August, fastest year ever! We then celebrated our 10th anniversary in December, again crazy times.
There were a few bumps in the year with family members in hospital but touch wood everything is ok now.
Proudest moment of 2015 definitely has to be my sister's graduation, seeing her in the cap and gown was rather emotional. Also the fact she got a First was more amazing. I'll leave a link below to her blog :-)
We're now in a new year with new opportunities and of course resolutions.
Now I'm not one of these 'New Year, New Me' sorta people, I believe if you want to make a change it shouldn't just be for the New Year. However there are always a few things you think of that you'd like to do which maybe you didn't the year before. One of the things people need to consider when making resolutions is how realistic they are, there's not much point making a resolution such as 'I'd like to travel the world' when you know it isn't possible for whatever reason, also when it comes to the end of the year it just makes you feel rubbish because you didn't achieve it. My New Year's resolutions may not sound very exciting but if I can achieve them it'll be a great 2016 :-)
1. Book our wedding and Disneymoon for 2017
This is possibly the most exciting of my resolutions, if we're able to do this it'll be one of the best years ever!
2.Give Blood
I've considered this for quite a while and helping out charities and causes is something I'd like to do more of this year. Not just donating money but really getting involved and helping to make a difference. There are two reasons I haven't donated blood yet and they are because I am petrified of needles and as silly as it sounds i'm scared i'll faint! But I have taken the first step and signed up to be a donor I just now need to actually give the blood! I believe the next one I can sign up for is in March, once I have donated i'll be posting a blog of how I got on!
3. See more of the UK.
Most people like to travel and will be saying they'd like to see more of different countries but there are so many cities and towns i'd like to visit in the UK. There are quite a few cities I haven't actually been to like Liverpool and Newcastle, these are two places I really want to go to. I'd also like to visit Brighton I've always wanted to spend a weekend there, preferably when the weather is a little better!
4. Do more for charities
This is part of my second resolution above, rather than just donating money i'd like to get involved with charities, I've always wanted to help out in a soup kitchen for the homeless or help spread the word to make a difference.
I recently did a post for Coppafeel! Which I really enjoyed just to think someone will read that post and do the necessary checks which they wouldn't necessarily do, it could quite literally change someone's life.
6. Improve my blog
I've only been blogging since November so i'm still a newbie but I really want 2016 to be the year for my blog, I'll be looking to improve my blogs by improving the photos I include and to do this I hope to invest in a good camera! I'd also like to attend bloggers events and meet new people, this is one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging. 

7. FitnessThis is one of the most common resolutions, the gyms are packed in January because of people wanting to lose their Christmas weight, adverts on the TV are all slimming products and products you can buy to help tone!
Leading up to Christmas I was following the Slimming World program and actually really enjoyed it, so I'll be going back to this but also doing the Insanity workout - if you haven't done this but want to try something new I'd highly recommend it, it's brilliant!
I'll be doing weekly blogs of my progress and food/exercise diaries for you to follow along with me on my 'Fitness Journey'.
I don't have a huge list of resolutions but if I can achieve all of them by the end of 2016, I'll be very happy!
Let me know what your New Year's resolutions are and if you have posted a list on your blog leave the link below so I can check them out!
My Coppafeel! post - click here
My Sister's blog - Ellie Kathleen
Maxine x
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  1. Giving blood is a great one! I've actually never seen anyone put that on their list, nice to see something different for a change! Props to you! X

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  2. I still have never given blood but I would definitely do it one day.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination