Sunday, 29 November 2015

Imperial Leather Sweets Range Shower Gels

As soon as I saw these in Boots, I knew I had to try them!
Anything that has the scent of sweets definitely gets my attention and at £1 each they are a must.

These new shower gels are inspired by those sweets we use to get in our pick n mix after school (When you actually got your moneys worth!)
Sherbet Lemon, Fruit Salad and Marshmallow.
Personally my favourite one is the Marshmallow, I am obsessed with Flumps!

I have quite sensitive skin so have to be careful when using fragranced products but I haven't had any problem using these, they are silky smooth and the scents are delicious, you can still smell them in the bathroom even after your shower.

I believe there is also another sweet product which is Spearmints, I can imagine that smells just as good as the others.

You can get your sweet scented shower gel here or in your local Boots.

Maxine x  

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