Monday, 23 November 2015

Tanya Burr Beauty Advent Calendar

The Christmas beauty advent calendars are definitely popular this year. I've read numerous posts on all of them and wish I could buy some of the more luxurious ones.
I've not had a beauty advent calendar before and definitely wanted to try one this year.
After browsing the internet to see which one I'd like to purchase I decided on the Tanya Burr Deck The Hauls 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Calendar.
Affordability did have quite a big factor in this choice at the time of buying it was £15 (which I am guessing is the same with most people) although it wasn't the main reason for me choosing this particular calendar.

I've been a fan of Tanya Burr for over a year now, I'm subscribed to her YouTube channel and enjoy watching her make up tutorials, vlogs and baking tutorials! (I love baking)
Her beauty products are also amazing, I love that the range caters for anybody and everybody.

Now, I'm obviously writing this post before I've opened the calendar to see which products are featured however I can guess what may be included. Nail polishes, lip gloss, eye shadows...?
It does actually tell you on the back of the calendar which products are included but I'm not looking at this as I think the whole reason of the advent calendar is the excitement of what is going to be behind the windows.

Looking at the calendar I'm really impressed with detail based on this being one of the more affordable ones you can tell there's still a lot that's been put into the calendar's design etc.

Along the top of the calendar it's a really nice glittery effect with the Tanya Burr logo and description. (Who doesn't love glitter?!)
The design is 'Tanya's House' with the products being behind the 'actual windows' which is cute.
I'm really looking forward to starting the calendar, I'm assuming it's a 12 day countdown to Christmas so I'll try and be patient and not start it on the 1st December! (I have a chocolate advent calendar to start from the beginning :) )
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Also let me know if you have purchased any of the beauty advent calendars and which one you chose this year.
Maxine x
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Check out Tanya Burr's beauty range at Superdrug here.

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