Sunday, 17 April 2016

The 90s Tag!

I was tagged by the lovely Danielle from Underland to Wonderland to feature a 90s Tag!
I love that I grew up in the 90s (I was born in 1989),it was such a brilliant decade to have a childhood. So many iconic things from the 90s - movies, clothes, music, games.

1. Favourite Disney Film?
Beauty and The Beast of course!
2. Favourite Music Artist?
Ah there were so many! I loved the boybands - Backstreet Boys / NSync / 911 and of course the best girl group ever - Spice Girls!

3. Favourite Game? (Board game / School game)
I loved playing Payday with my younger sister, we'd sit and play for hours.
School games...Hand clapping games or 'What time is it Mr Wolf?'
4. Favourite Sweets?
Where do I start?! Gobstoppers, Ring Pop, Chewits, Cola Cubes, Double Dip, Flumps, Flying Saucers, so many!

5. Favourite McDonald's Happy Meal Toy?
I can't actually remember any of them!
6. Favourite Book?
Harry Potter obviously but I love reading so there were so many!

7. Favourite Clothing Store?
Tammy Girl and MK One! (Memories of 90s fashion)

8. Favourite TV Show?
The 90s definitely had the best TV Shows! Kenan & Kel, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Sister Sister, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Moesha, Playdays, Zzzap!, Art Attack, Are You Afraid of The Dark? Hey Arnold, Rugrats....loadssss!

9. What Show Would You Watch After School?
See above! LOL

10. What Was Your Favourite 90s Game Show?
The Crystal Maze, Fort Boyard, Fun House!

11. Did You Own a Virtual Pet?
Tamagotchi :)

12. Favourite Video Game and System To Play On?
My first game console was SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) so obviously Mario Brothers (Original!) but for the most of the 90s I had a PlayStation One and loved Crash Bandicoot and Driver.

13. Weirdest Fashion Trend?
The whole of the 90s was pretty much a weird fashion trend haha! but saying that it's all coming back into fashion now.

14. Favourite Toys?
Barbie's obviously! but 90s toys - Polly Pocket - I actually can't think of any others!

15. Favourite Nickelodeon Show?
I think I covered this on favourite tv show!

I tag my younger sister Ellie who's over at Ellie Kathleen.
plus anyone else who'd like to share their 90s memories!

I hope you've enjoyed this post, thank you Danielle for tagging me I really enjoyed reminiscing on the 90s!

Maxine x  

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  1. Oh man I used to love Sabrina and my sister's favourite show was Art Attack! I feel like they just don't make shows like that? Either that or I'm completely biased toward the 90s!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode