Thursday, 21 January 2016

January Fitness Diary - Week Two

So, week two of my fitness diary. I lost 4lb last week which I was very impressed with, considering the lack of exercise.
Before I go on and show my meals, exercise etc I will say I didn't have a great week and didn't do any exercise :-( I'm really struggling to get my motivation back, I think it might be the cold evenings (even though I do my exercise at home!) there's just nothing more I want to do when I get home from work in the evening than put my PJ's on and snuggle up on the settee. If there's anything you use to get your motivation going which you think might help, please let me know!

Something I did forget to mention in my previous post is Slendertoxtea that I'm using along side my plan, you can see my post here of Slendertoxtea.

I've also started to use an app on my phone called 'You Food'. It's very similar to Instagram but is used as a food diary. You can follow other uses and like their photos, it's good for giving you ideas if you're stuck on what to have for dinners etc. I'd recommend this app to keep track of what you're eating so you can see if there's any improvements you can make but also help others. 

Monday 11th January 2016
Breakfast - 2 Weetabix with semi skimmed milk

Lunch - small tin of beans with sausages (best sausages ever in those tins) and a slice of wholemeal bread

Dinner - Italian Chicken and Tomato Soup with Pasta

Water - 1 glass
Snacks - 2 satsumas and a banana, carrot sticks and humus.

Tuesday 12th January 2016

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix with semi skimmed milk

Lunch - Mushroom cous cous mixed with tuna flakes.

Dinner - Steak with a fried egg, mushrooms, corn on the cob, new potatoes and tomatoes (ah-mazing!!)

Water - 1 glass
Snacks - Satsuma, banana, dairylea dunkers (5.5 syns for the dunkers for anyone following Slimming World)

Wednesday 13th January 2016

Breakfast - Strawberry Mullerlight yogurt with porridge oats and blueberries

Lunch - Mushroom rice (Tilda microwave) with sweetcorn and peppers.

Dinner - Wholeweat noodles with soy & ginger salmon

Water - 3 glasses (good day!)
Snacks - Satsuma, banana, grapes and dairylea dunkers. 

Thursday 14th January 2016
I had such a bad day at work :-( I didn't have any lunch and only ate a banana and tub of grapes after my breakfast until 7pm when I finally got home.

Breakfast - Strawberry Mullerlight yogurt with porridge oats and blueberries.

Lunch - Nothing :(

Dinner - Corned Beef and Tomato sandwich (on white bread!! ahh!!)

Water - 2 glasses
Snacks - Banana and tub of grapes

Friday 15th January 2016
I was at a meeting in the morning and then I had the afternoon off work and the start to a long weekend :) So I was slightly naughty from today until Monday! 

Breakfast - 2 slices of wholemeal bread with peanut butter
My obsession with peanut butter is ridiculous!

Lunch - Costa Coffee with a mushroom toastie (Yum!)

Dinner - Southern Fried Chicken burger with Supernoodles (ah I feel guilty just typing that!)

Water - 0 glasses
Snacks - No fruit today! Flapjack from Costa, Rolo yogurt (the best yogurts ever!!)

Saturday we travelled down to London as we stayed over and went to the O2 so it definitely wasn't part of the fitness plan, a McDonald's may have been involved! ;-) and maybe a Starbucks too and a Chiquitos later :-D
Sunday we had buffet breakfast at the hotel which included pancakes with maple syrup ;-) and then we had a lovely Roast Dinner at the in-laws.

It's always good to remember that yes it's great for you to be healthy and make sure you're eating the right foods and correct portions but having a 'naughty' day every now and then isn't going to hurt anyone, you can't restrict yourself too much or you'll get to the point where it either becomes an obsession or you just start to hate dieting because it seems more of a chore.

This is one of the reasons I enjoy the Slimming World plan because you really don't feel like you're on a diet, there are no serious restrictions it's just all about meal planning and making sure you are eating the right amount of fruit and veg.

If you're doing a diet/fitness plan let me know how you're getting on!
or tweet me @chatterboxmax

Maxine x



  1. I have tried the slimming world so many times, I just dont seem to loose weight! I want to try again so would love some help when I do if thats ok?

    1. Of course! If there are any tips I can give you or just general things please email me :-) would love to help where I can x