Friday, 29 January 2016

January Fitness Diary - Week Three

Week Three of My Fitness Plan and I'm slowly losing motivation already but it's really annoying me, I've been considering going back to the gym again and maybe starting to do classes in the morning before work. I did start a 10 minute HIT cardio programme which is fun but I feel like I need that extra push.

I'm really enjoying the 'Youfood' app, actually I'm becoming a bit addicted to browsing people's food diaries and looking for new recipe ideas! It's also clever because you really want to impress everyone with what you're eating so I haven't wanted to eat boring foods as I don't want to post a photo of that so I've been trying new things and making my food look yummy :-)

Monday 18th JanuaryI had the day off work so it's fair to say I didn't stick to any plan! In fact I pretty much ate anything in sight, as much as I'm embarrassed to admit.

Breakfast - Sausage sandwich with tomato sauce

Lunch - Not much of a lunch as I just snacked on everything!

Dinner - Pizza *Monkey covering eyes emoji*

Water - I am loving flavoured sparkling water at the moment and Morrison's do 5 bottles for £1.50 - bargain! So I had one bottle today.
Snacks - Everything!

Tuesday 19th January
Back on track!

Breakfast - Muller light strawberry yogurt with porridge oats and blueberries

Lunch - Mushroom rice with sweetcorn and peppers, Dairylea dunkers and a satsuma

Dinner - Two Slimming World sausages (from Iceland), veg and a Yorkshire pudding

Water - 1 bottle of flavoured sparkling water and 1 glass of water
Snacks - Banana, satsuma and grapes

Wednesday 20th January

Breakfast - Muller light Strawberry yogurt with porridge oats

Lunch - Cous Cous with sweetcorn, chickpeas, peppers, sultanas and seafood sticks

Dinner - Homemade lasagne with plum tomatoes

Water - 1 bottle of flavoured sparkling water
Snacks - 2 satsumas, banana and Dairylea dunkers

Thursday 21st January

Breakfast - Peanut butter on wholemeal bread

Lunch - Leftover homemade lasagne

Dinner - Italian chicken and tomato soup with a slice of wholemeal bread

Water - 2 glasses
Snacks - 2 satsumas, banana, grapes and a Muller corner banana chocolate flakes yogurt.

Friday 22nd January

Breakfast - Peanut butter on wholemeal bread

Lunch - Leftover Italian chicken and tomato soup

Dinner - Chicken burger with Supernoodles and extra light mayo

Water - 1 glass
Snacks - banana, satsuma. Carrot sticks with sweet chilli hummus.
2 glasses of wine (It's Friday!!)

Saturday 23rd January

Breakfast - Costa coffee - Caramel Cappuccino

Lunch - I won brunch and cocktails for 2 on Twitter at Revolucion De Cuba in Nottingham and it was amazing! I had a breakfast burrito which was stuffed with cheese, chorizo, jalapenos and mushrooms. The cocktails I chose was an Espresso Rumtini which was nice but couldn't have more than one, they're quite sickly.

Dinner - Italian Chicken and tomato soup with a portion of pasta.

Water - No water today just coffee and cocktails!
Snacks - still had my banana and satsuma :-)

Sunday 24th January

Breakfast - Sausage sandwich on wholemeal bread with tomato sauce

Lunch - I didn't have lunch, I was too busy being lazy on the settee watching American Idol :-)

Dinner - Coq Au Vin with Yorshire puddings

Snacks - scotch pancakes with maple syrup.

So that was my third week, typing this out is showing me that I'm already starting to slack, these diaries are a really good idea to keep yourself updated and show where you need to improve. Mine is that I need to do more exercising, especially if I want to reach my weight goal.

Thank you to all who are following my fitness plan.
If you'd like to see the photos of all my meals you can add me on Youfood, my username on there is MaxineFrancis89

Maxine x
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