Thursday, 14 January 2016

Adult Therapeutic Colouring Books - Do They Really Work?


There was nothing more I loved when I was younger than getting a jumbo colouring book and new colouring pencils. I could spend hours colouring in all of the pictures and always felt accomplished when completing the whole book!

So when I saw these 'Adult Therapeutic Colouring Books' I was quite excited but also intrigued. Are they going to just be another 'trend' where everyone buys them because they're everywhere or do they actually help you to relax? Because obviously when you're a child and using colouring books you're not using them to relax it was just fun. 

I was given one of the colouring books to me as a gift which I was really pleased about as I had thought about purchasing one a few times, I ordered some new colouring pencils (cue the big kid) and was quite excited when they arrived! So I sat with a cup of tea, feet up on the settee in my pyjamas and chose a design to colour. I have a Winter Wonderland themed book and the pictures are beautiful.
I chose one of the more intricate designs and away I went, carefully selecting which colour I wanted to use for each part, concentrating so I don't go out the lines(!)
Now at this point you may be thinking, but it's just a colouring book?! It's for children!
But...I was so relaxed and felt chilled out which is amazing considering it is seen as something you'd just do as a child. 
I'd highly recommend anyone getting one of these and just spending half an hour where ever you can with a cup of tea or coffee on the settee or in bed! It really does make you feel more relaxed.

You can buy loads of different themes of colouring books, I have my eye on the Harry Potter one! Amazon is a great place to check out.

Keep an eye on my Instagram where I'll be posting a picture of my 'master piece' once I've finished it.

Let me know if you have one of these books or will be purchasing one.

Maxine x

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