Saturday, 16 January 2016

Slendertox Tea | Detox and Cleansing Tea

Last month I took part in my first Bloggers Hangout chat and it was brilliant! I've always said one of the reasons I started blogging was to get to meet and chat to new people and I've already got to know so many lovely bloggers, can't wait for my first meet up!
Anyway, part of this chat were a few lovely brands and one of those brands was Slendertoxtea. I'd heard about Detox Tea's and always wanted to try them so when I received the Day and Night Tea Tox I was very excited!

Slendertoxtea are a health supplements company who provide natural healthy products to assist you in a healthy balanced lifestyle. Their Slendertoxtea is 100% herbal and organic.  

I'm already a fan of green tea and fruity teas so I had a slight idea of what they may taste like, they have quite an 'earthy' taste to them which is obviously the natural ingredients and flavours very much like green tea.

The Daytox Tea is designed to give you that extra boost for the day so you have this first thing in the morning with your breakfast.
Where as the Sleeptox Tea is to help you relax by bedtime and also assist to prevent bloating.
I can suffer from bloating like a lot of people and after using this for a few days I have started to notice a difference which I'm delighted about, as for those who do suffer from bloating know it can be quite embarrassing and something we obviously don't want!

I still have a week left of the tea's to finish the course but I am confident to say I would purchase another set of Daytox and Sleeptox.
It's something I'd like to continue using as part of my fitness plan.
Although the tea's are designed to help your system and promote healthy change it is suggested to use them with a detox plan or with your fitness/diet plan to really get the full benefits.

Slendertoxtea also provide a range of shakes, coffee's and powders. I'd like to try the coffee range as I do love a cup of coffee in the morning!

My overall opinion is that I'd recommend anyone to try the Slendertoxtea and give it a go to see if it can assist you with your fitness or healthy eating plan.

To purchase any of the Slendertoxtea range visit the website here.
They ship worldwide so everyone can order :-)

You can also follow Slendertoxtea on Twitter to keep up to date with their products - @Slendertoxtea

Let me know in the comments below if you do purchase anything from the Slendertoxtea range.

Maxine x
All opinions are my own and I always give an honest review of products.
Slendertoxtea very kindly gifted me the product.
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